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About Me

I do taxes.

I do mortgages.
I do standup comedy.

I follow the Stoic philosophers.

I write short stories and tv shows.
I do high school and youth sports officiating.
I run a feral kitty cat/raccoon/squirrel/rabbit AirBNB.

No idea where to start. Perfect! I'm here to answer your questions and create a plan to get you into your home. I'm very much a sweatpants and t-shirt personality, but I'm all business when it comes to getting you a mortgage. 

If I can make money while remaining honest, trustworthy, and dignified, show me how and I will do it. But if you expect me to sacrifice my own values, just so you can get your hands on things that aren't even good -- well, you can see for yourself how thoughtless and unfair you're being.

 - Epictetus (Enchiridion 24.3)

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