1. Borrower Intake and Pre-Approval. This is where you and I discuss:

  • how much you want to spend

  • how much of a mortgage payment you will be comfortable with

  • where your down payment money will be coming from

  • your credit report to make sure it all looks good

2. Gathering of your documentation:

  • One month's pay stubs or other forms of income

  • Two years of W2s

  • Two months most recent bank statements

  • Two months of statements for other accounts that will be used for funds to close

  • Self-Employed:

    • Last two years of ​tax returns

    • Year-to-Date P&L

    • Balance Sheet

  • copy driver's license

3. Getting you Pre-Qualified:

  • analyzing your documents to determine how much you can afford

  • utilize the Affordability Calculator so you can fully understand your Ability to Repay

  • deciding on which loan program best suits your needs

4. You go Home Shopping

  • I send a lender letter to your realtor

5. You go under contract

6. I submit your file to underwriting

7. You get the Home Inspection

8. I order the appraisal

9. File is conditionally approved

  • I let you know what the underwriter needs to give us the final approval

10. Clear to Close!!! 

11. Closing. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!