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Credit Repair

I help you with getting your score up to qualify for a mortgage. My philosophy is different from others who do credit repair.  Sometimes it's just a matter of time, or simply paying down balances.

After pulling your credit report I run the Wayfinder report that lists the steps to improve your score. Then I run the What-If Simulator that tells me how many months it will take to get to the desired credit score. 

I don't charge for my services. Colorado Revised Statutes states:

5-19-104. Prohibited acts. (1) A credit services organization; its salespersons, agents, and representatives; and independent contractors who sell or attempt to sell the services of a credit services organization shall not: (a) Charge or receive any money or other valuable consideration prior to full and complete performance of the services the credit services organization has agreed to perform for the buyer.

Credit repair is a group project and my goal is to get it done as quickly as possible. I'm not looking to charge a monthly rate and then take my time getting results.

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