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non-QM Products

When You Don't Quite Fit Into the Traditional Lending Box

Expanded Prime:

  • Full Doc

  • Asset Utilization:

    • ​This product is for high-net-worth borrowers who prefer to use their assets for qualification rather than using their income to qualify for the mortgage.

    • Asset Utilization attributes qualifying income to a borrower by utilizing the liquid assets of the borrower over a 60-month period.

    • Utilization of verified liquid assets over a 60-month period is done to ensure that income attributed to a borrower is stable and is reasonably expected to continue.

  • Self-Employed/1099 Income

    • 12-24 months statements​

  • LTVs up to 90%

  • Non-warrantable condo


  • Full Doc

  • Alternative Income:​
    • 1-Year tax return and P&L

    • 12-24 months bank statements

    • 1-, 2-year 1099 income

Clean Slate:

  • This product is for borrowers seeking flexible financing options. The borrower may have had a credit event or other isolated lapse in their credit performance that may precluded qualification for another program.

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