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Getting You Fully Qualified...No Matter How Long It Takes.

If you have no idea where to start...I am here to answer all your questions and to design a plan to get you into your HOME.

As a loan officer, I have a vision of how I want my clients to experience working with me. I want to change the way homebuyers and realtors look at lending.  My motto is "Always the Right Call". This is what drives every decision I make and every interaction I have. To reinforce that you made the right decision in letting me be your certified mortgage advisor. I may over-communicate, but I want to make sure that you know what is happening at all times. And I am ALWAYS available to answer your questions.

I am very much a sweatpants and t-shirt personality, but I am all business when it comes to getting you the financing to get your house. 


Together we will:

  • Analyze your credit to see what we can do to raise your score since every point helps

  • Analyze your employment

  • Analyze your income to make sure we can use as much as we can

  • Analyze your assets to make sure all can be used

As a Certified Mortgage Advisor, I have the tools to help you with:

  • Determining how much you can afford

  • Knowing the cost of waiting

  • Comparing properties

  • Seller Contribution

  • Determining if you should buy down the rate

Issues Affecting Colorado Homebuyers

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