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Getting Mortgage Qualified

Step One: Your Credit:​

  • Do we need to increase your score? 

    • Every extra point helps​

  • Do we need to remove disputes?

    • Do early as removing them may lower your score​

  • How much do you owe in collections

  • Did you have a bankruptcy?

Step Two: Your Employment:

  • Do you have a two-year history?

  • Do you have a job gap greater than six months?

  • Do you have a part-time job?

Step Three: Your Income:

Determining your Qualifying Income:

  • Are you a salaried employee?

  • Do your hours vary each week?

  • Do you get overtime?

  • Do you have a part-time job that you need to use for qualifying income?


  • How long have you been self-employed?

  • Is your income declining?

Step Four: Your Assets:

  • Do you make large deposits?

  • Do you deposit cash?

  • Do your recurring payments match the payments on your credit report?

  • Two-month seasoning is required for large deposits, so make them well before you go under contract.

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